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Marvel Will Reunite Power Man and Iron Fist in New Series

One of the enduring comic book titles to come from Marvel Comics in the 1970s was Power Man and Iron Fist, a somewhat unlikely pairing of two heroes based on popular B-movie tropes of the time. Power Man, better known as Luke Cage, and mystical kung-fu artist Iron Fist (whose secret identity is Danny Rand), formed a great partnership, eventually creating “Heroes for Hire.” It was announced during New York Comic Con that now the two characters will reunited for Power Man and Iron Fist in 2016.  

Power Man and Iron Fist Luke Cage

  The heroes have gone separate ways over the past few years, although they both were members of the Avengers during Brian Michael Bendis’ run. Both heroes are cornerstones of Marvel’s TV efforts, too. Both Luke Cage and Iron Fist will have their own Netflix miniseries, ultimately teaming up with Daredevil and Jessica Jones during the series Defenders as well. So it makes sense that Marvel wants to shine a light on Cage and Rand in 2016.   The creative team on the new Power Man and Iron Fist series will be writer David Walker and artist Sanford Greene. Greene has done work on Uncanny Avengers and Runaways. Walker, who has worked on Cyborg and Shaft, said "When Power Man and Iron Fist first teamed up back in the late 1970s, their title quickly became one of my favorite books, and it was always something I fantasized about writing. Seeing them back together is like being reunited with your oldest friends."  

Power Man and Iron Fist

  It looks like Greene is going to update the look of both characters while keeping some elements of their signature looks. In general, it appears that the series will have old and new elements. Series editor Jake Thomas also gave some idea of threats the partners may face: "Expect some solid, old school Marvel characters—both enemies and allies like, say, Tombstone and Black Mariah—to show up."   Marvel did not announce a release date for the new Power Man and Iron Fist. It will debut in 2016.


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