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Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol

Marvel is proud to announce that artist David Baldeon will be joining writer Jim McCann for MARVEL ZOMBIES CHRISTMAS CAROL! Guaranteed to make you even more afraid of things that go bump in the night, Marvel's twist on the acclaimed Charles Dickens tale will send chills down your spine! As the Hungry Death consumes the land, Ebeneezer Scrooge must be sent back to Christmases past with his undead friend Jacob Marley to learn the origin of this vicious scourge.

When we started working on this idea, I was amazed at how well the original text worked in with the concept of the undead. We've taken a way to introduce 'zombies' in a Victorian manner, keeping with the chilling tale Dickens crafted in the 1800s," said McCann. "I think that David's amazing designs show you how well it will look. We aren't going for campiness or shoving zombies into a popular story, but for true Victorian horror...and a small glimmer of hope that lies in one man's cold heart: Scrooge!"

Baldeon added: "This book is not about drawing zombies just because they're fun. It's about the characters, the horror, and a fresh yet horrifying look at Victorian terror while following along the lines of Jim's great script. It's about giving this book its own atmosphere and feel and making it look like no other version of Christmas Carol ever has."

Well there you go, Marvel has officially ruined zombies for everyone, everywhere. This is by far one of the stupidest things ever. May it sell millions of copies.

Marvel Zombies Xmas


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