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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Farewell, Cruel World! Review

On this episode of Marvel’s Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D., the gang said, “Farewell, Cruel World!” to the Framework, but it wasn’t easy. It was actually the opposite of that, but at least they made some progress with just two more episodes of the season left. The episode was focused on getting everyone to the backdoor of the Framework, which wasn’t hard to forget, because they said it a LOT. Daisy was ready to go immediately, but Simmons wasn’t ready to leave Fitz without a fight, and that’s exactly what she got. She found out, through May, that Fitz’s dad is his BFF in this world, so she decided to go have a little chat with him. She held him at gunpoint and asked him to call Fitz to come over so she could talk to him. Fitz’s dad didn’t quite follow directions and ended up attacking Simmons, which led her shooting and killing him in self defense. So Fitz wasn’t exactly convinced that Simmons was the love of his life. Simmons had to return to the rest of the team and Fitz was on their tail. They found the coordinates to the backdoor just as Hydra agents showed up. They shot Coulson a few times, but luckily he was able to take a leap of faith into the portal, which looked like a flaming pot of steel and he convinced May to follow him. They both woke up in the real world, thankfully, and it was a really sweet moment between those two. They also both remembered everything that happened in the Framework, so that answered one of the questions I have had from the beginning. Simmons was supposed to be the next one to get out, but Fitz cornered her. He wanted her to kneel, so he shot her in the foot, in case anyone still had doubts that he was evil. Eventually Radcliffe showed up and attacked him and then threw him into the backdoor with Simmons following quickly after. Radcliffe said he never meant for any of this to happen and that it was the Darkhold’s fault that things got so messed up. Next up were Mack and Daisy, but Mack refused to go, saying he didn’t want to live in a world without Hope. After some pleading, Daisy decided to leave him behind. So now Simmons and Daisy are on the Zephyr, which just so happens to be under attack, and May, Coulson, and Fitz are in the Russian submarine. Fitz’s reaction to coming out of the Framework was heartbreaking. He knew immediately that it was his fault that Mace was killed. Iain De Caestecker’s acting has been so impressive throughout these Framework episodes. As he was having his breakdown, Aida/Ophelia showed up in her brand new human form. May was going to shoot her, but she hugged Fitz and they both disappeared. It was a great way to end the episode on a cliffhanger.

Final Thoughts:

- This was a pretty chaotic episode and a lot happened. I’m really glad they got out of the Framework before the finale. Now comes the boss battle with Aida/Ophelia. - I really hope Mack gets out of the Framework. Seeing Yo-Yo realize he wasn’t coming back was so sad. They were my favorite pair during this season. I would be really sad to lose that dynamic. - It is really interesting that they kept all their memories of the Framework, but this might scar Fitz for life, if he even makes it out of his predicament. - With two episodes left, it will be interesting to see how things play out. Do you have any predictions?
  • The escape from the Framework was exciting
  • Iain De Caestecker’s acting
  • Nice cliffhanger ending
  • Mack deciding to stay in the Framework


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