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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Spacetime Review

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s latest episode, “Spacetime,” proved that you really can’t change the future no matter how much you really really want to. The team of agents were given their hardest task yet, which involved an Inhuman that could see the future, a choreographed fight scene, a one-way mirror, and some ashy snow. This episode helped to prove the value of unique storytelling. It’s been awhile since the format has been switched up, so seeing future events first was a welcome change. It all began with a stranger asking for Daisy Johnson on a 911 call, even though the two had never met. It turned out, the man had touched Charles Hinton, a future-seeing Inhuman, and received a premonition of his own death, which included Daisy at the scene. daisy When his death happened for real, Daisy also touched Charles and got her own flash of the future. It was many pieces from the same night. These short clips included an elaborate fight scene, Coulson shooting Daisy, Lincoln with a bloody face, Fitz and Simmons holding hands as it snowed, and Charles' dying words to Daisy. Sounds like a pretty crazy day, but it managed to get stranger. After Daisy received all of these visions, she hopped into planning mode to find out where this was all going to go down. The team also decided to go through the crazy fight scene over and over again with May, so she could potentially buy some time when it happened for real. Coulson made May do the run through to attempt to keep Daisy out of it, but the future, of course, had other ideas- but more on that later. This whole practice fight scene was the best part of the episode. It was very meta, because that’s probably how they actually practice fight scenes. It was more like a choreographed dance than a fight and it was really interesting to see. may2 Shortly after Daisy received those nice visions, HYDRA kidnapped Charles. Malick took him and used him against a company that made modified body parts and they used Charles to trick the head of the company to sell the whole thing to Malick. Then Hive de-fleshed all the dudes in the room. I'm really not a fan of that killing tactic. Hive was also looking like a Grade A villain this episode, with that Sherlock/Snape outfit with the high collar coat. Really enjoying his new look, but not so much his new powers. Daisy and the gang figured out where Malick had taken Charles and just when they are about to leave, Andrew, aka Lash, showed up. He said Lash was taking over and this might be the last time he was himself, which is how May ended up getting cut from the mission. She stayed back with him and made a last-ditch effort to save him by giving him Simmon's prototype vaccine. Needless to say, it didn’t work. Back on the mission, everything started coming true according the Daisy’s visions. She took out the room full of guards and then Coulson shot her in the face. The twist was that she was looking in a one-way mirror, so it only looked like he was shooting directly at her. Next Lincoln went after Hive, which is where he got the bloody face, but luckily he got to keep all of his skin in place. This was the first episode where Lincoln didn’t completely annoy me, so there is hope for him yet. Just when it seemed like we were getting to Charles’ death, we actually got Malick beating the crap out of Daisy with his new robo arms and things weren’t looking good. I agreed with Simmons that maybe Daisy had seen her own death in the vision, but Charles got in there and saved her life. The whole time Daisy thought she was supposed to save his life, but he was supposed to save hers. It was a very sweet, but cheesy moment. Speaking of heartwarming and cheesy, Fitz and Simmons got their little moment, but the snow from the vision was actually ash from the burning billboard that got wrecked when Daisy fought Malick. It all came full circle. Overall:
  • I really liked the change of pace this episode provided and I liked how everything came true, even though it wasn’t exactly what they thought. The future isn’t always what it seems.
  • The team also finally saw the new Ward this episode. I just wonder how they will kill him and if there is any of hope of bringing the old Ward back. I kinda miss that guy.
  • I loved when Coulson called Daisy "Skye," I’m sure there was a deeper meaning there, but it just reminded me how much I miss her former name.
  • It looks like Hive has officially taken over as villain of the season. Also what happened to Malick's daughter? We got that little teaser and then nothing.
  • Awesome storytelling
  • Sassy Fitz explaining time travel
  • Choreographed fight scene
  • Some really cheesy moments
  • Could do without the bloody skeletons


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