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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Lockup Review

On this week’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., some ghosts were busted and some of our team got bested. This episode, titled Lockup, unlocked a bunch of doors and let out some not-so-nice secrets that were hiding behind them. Most of the episode was dedicated to rescuing Robbie’s uncle, Eli. Now that Lucy has what she wanted from her husband, she left him for dead and went on to find the book. Only problem was, she couldn’t read it. This Book of Sin detects a person’s first language so they can read it, but since Lucy isn’t technically a person, it didn’t work. So she went off to find Eli to help her. The S.H.I.E.L.D team was right behind her. They tried to get Eli out the path of the law, but the warden and other guards were already corrupt with ghostly visions courtesy of Lucy and the team was forced to fight their way through the prison. This somehow included opening all the prison cells and all hell breaking loose. random prisoner SHIELD Of course there were some exciting fight scenes along the way, the craziest being Daisy, who thought it would be fun to take on a cell block full of prisoners who hate Inhumans. Yeah, that almost didn’t end well and I was surprised she lasted as long as she did. I mean Daisy has Inhuman abilities, but she pretty much can’t use them right now if she ever wants to use her wrists again. Even though Daisy wanted to sacrifice herself, Coulson and May just wouldn’t let that happen. According to May, Daisy is lashing out and taking on suicidal missions because she can’t forgive herself for what happened to Lincoln last season. Call me crazy, but I had honestly forgotten Lincoln existed until May mentioned him. Oops. Daisy SHIELD While this whole prison fight was happening, Mack and Robbie were still trying to find Eli. It seemed like he was in the last possible cell, I mean that search took forever. They finally got him and the mission seemed to be a success, but newbie Robbie just couldn’t let all those bad guys pass without killing just one. He cornered one of the inmates, whose crew was responsible for targeting two young boys. Both survived, but one lost his ability to walk. Yup, his gang was hired to kill Robbie and his brother. Unfortunately that’s all the information we got before Robbie went all Ghost Rider and killed him. So the whole S.H.I.E.L.D. team met up outside the prison and Robbie’s uncle was nowhere to be seen. YOU HAD ONE JOB! That whole mission was pretty much pointless and caused a whole bunch of destruction, but man was it fun. The other main storyline this episode was Simmons helping the new director. He interrupted her intense lie detector test to make her help him with his on-air debate. She fed him answers while he was on live TV. I honestly might have zoned out at this point, because I can’t take another debate, even if it is a fictional one. Bad timing for that scene. The one valuable piece of information we got from that debate was that the Director announced to the nation that he is an Inhuman. Oh, and he lied about helping save some people in Vienna so now Simmons has blackmail on him and doesn’t have to take anymore lie detector tests. Crisis averted.

Final Thoughts:

- Overall this episode felt a little bit pointless. The whole goal was to get Robbie’s uncle out of prison and away from Lucy, when the exact opposite happened. Plus they left a whole prison in chaos. - I get that Mack was trying to help people and he thought Robbie would be fine on his own, but Robbie literally has no allegiance with S.H.I.E.L.D., and no reason to help them. So even if he hadn’t gone AWOL and killed a prisoner, he could have easily taken his uncle and run away. Mack is usually so much smarter than that. - Daisy’s purposely putting herself in harm’s way is getting really old. I’ve forgotten about Lincoln already, maybe she should too. - Seeing Simmons being sassy is always great, but the new director is so uninteresting, plus the political aspect of it. I just couldn’t pay attention. - They were low hanging fruit, but all the “ghost busting” jokes were perfect. Stay tuned next week when we get more answers about Ghost Rider's origins.
  • Sassy Simmons
  • Ghost busting scenes
  • Pointless mission
  • Daisy continuing to punish herself


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