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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Self Control Review

This week’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was packed so full of action that it’s hard to know where to start. After a few lackluster episodes, this one really packed a punch. This episode had no “Self Control” and things went buckwild. Let’s dive in. The episode opened where we left off last week. Fitz and Simmons had just found out that they were the only humans on the team left, or so they thought. They went into a room together to figure out a plan, but their scanner detected an LMD in the room, which meant one of them was an android, but which one? This was an intense scene and actually my favorite of the episode. Both of them were trying to convince the other they were human and I couldn’t tell the difference. Fitz crying made me want to believe him, but of course that was the wrong choice. Simmons made him slit his wrists to prove he was human, but he was an android so didn’t die… that is until Simmons cut his neck wires. SHIELD415_d At this point, Simmons thought she was alone on the base with a bunch of androids, but it was revealed that Daisy was also still herself. She realized she was in trouble when she walked into a room filled with robo-versions of herself. Yeah, not creepy at all. The android team worked together to convince the rest of the people on base that Simmons and Daisy were the real androids, so everyone on base was hunting them down instead of the other way around. Eventually, Daisy and Simmons found each other, but again they weren’t sure if they could trust the other. There’s gotta be an easier way to prove if someone if an android or not. If I were them, I would be keeping a metal detector with me at all times from now on. In the end, Daisy used her powers to convince Simmons that is was still her. Daisy could apparently “feel Simmon’s bones” through the quake, which was something I did not know was possible. They were still being hunted down at this point, but at least that had each other. Eventually, the duo managed to get some of the other agents on the base to believe they were real. It might have had something to do with Daisy creating a quake so powerful that the heads of robo Mack and Mace flew off. That was also a really cool scene. The special effects were impressive to say the least. SHIELD415_e Just when Simmons, Daisy, and some nameless agents were making their way to the zephyr, robo May showed up and trapped them, but that didn’t last long. She was built not knowing she was an android, so now that she knew she was still siding more with the actual humans left on the team. She let them go, much to the frustration of robo Coulson, who was the creepiest android version yet. He made a terrifying bad guy for some reason, especially when he was shooting at Daisy. Once they escaped, Simmons and Daisy decided they had to go into the Framework to find the real members of their team and get them out, instead of simply finding their bodies in the real world. While I don’t exactly understand that logic, it’s going to make for some interesting storytelling. This next sequence was the most bananas thing this show has ever done. It was basically an alternate reality of what could have been. SHIELD415 Once in the Framework, Daisy woke up to find Lincoln is still alive and they are living happily together. Coulson is a teacher who is against Inhumans. May works for Hydra. Mack has a child and lives in a house (honestly he got screwed on his alternate reality). Fitz is seen looking fly in a suit and helping someone out of a car. At first I thought it was Simmons, but it was revealed that in the Framework, Simmons is DEAD. That’s right. Simmons went into the Framework, but in that world she’s dead, so where did her subconscious go? Now it’s going to be nearly impossible to get Daisy out of there since Lincoln is alive in this universe. I don’t know what they are going to do.

Final Thoughts:

- I definitely wasn’t expecting this to happen, even though I should have. This LMD storyline might payoff after all. - Aida was talking about how, in the Framework, she corrected everyone’s biggest regret. In the Framework, Daisy haslonger hair, so I can only assume her biggest regret was getting a haircut? I’m joking of course, but why did they make her hair longer? - I should also mention Aida killed Radcliffe, but does anyone really care at this point? - Aida now has control of almost everyone and it seems like her main goal is to become human. I’m still not sure how she’s going to pull that off, but anything is possible at this point. - I’m excited to see where this Framework storyline will go and how long it will last, but we will have to wait to find out since we won’t be getting any new episodes until April.
  • Fitz and Simmons once again had the most heart-breaking scene of the episode
  • That end sequence
  • Great thriller/scary movie vibe
  • No dialogue from Mack this episode


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