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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – The Singularity Review

Everything has finally started coming together on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The past two seasons had some pretty bland episodes establishing Inhuman characters, but all that hard work has paid off as it gets closer to the season three finale. In “The Singularity,” we learned more about Hive’s capabilities and what that means for S.H.I.E.L.D. The episode started with S.H.I.E.L.D. cleaning up after Daisy took off and left them stranded on the base. The test results came back and Daisy was obviously, and now definitely, the only one infected by Hive. Everyone was shaken up over one of their own being turned, but there was nothing much they could do to change things without a cure. Fitz and Simmons realized they knew a doctor, Dr. Radcliffe, who might be able to help. He used to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. and his specialty was human modifications, essentially giving humans super powers. The second they mentioned this doctor, I thought of Dr. Leekie from Orphan Black, and the similarities continued when Fitz and Simmons had to go undercover in a club full of modified humans. It was a cleaner ,more computerized, version of the club from Orphan Black, and not a tail in sight, thankfully. hive While this was happening, Hive and Daisy were busy bonding big time. Apparently it didn’t take much, thanks to the fact that Hive had access to all of Ward’s memories. Daisy has always wanted a family and to feel like she belonged, so this infection/drug that is Hive worked a little too well on her. They went on a mission of their own: “recruiting” Inhumans (aka infecting them). They caught up with Alicia (the Inhuman that can multiple herself) and then they visited James. They gave him a piece of terrigen crystal and he finally got powers like he always wanted. Of course, he got something destructive and is now able to blow stuff up. Coulson, May, and Lincoln were always one step behind them this episode. Coulson was also super rude to Lincoln, and made him wear a suicide vest in case Hive infected him. May made a good point: it’s hypocritical that he was willing to kill Lincoln immediately, but still wanted to do anything to save Daisy. We all know I’m not a huge Lincoln fan, but this seemed cruel. fitz_simmons Back to Fitz and Simmons, and their undercover mission at the club. They were trying to get a meeting with Dr. Radcliffe, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t still time for some flirting. They faked communication issues with Mack and turned off their mics. They talked about how their relationship was going to change exponentially the more physical they get, but they both seemed pretty okay with it. The conversation ended there as they were whisked away by one of Dr. Radcliffe's minions. She led them into a surgical room where they were invited to display the eye modification technology they brought with them by putting the eye in a live patient. Simmons was surprisingly on board right away, but it turned out to be a test. The man on the operating table was none other than Dr. Radcliffe himself. He wanted to make sure they were worth his time I guess, but really it was a nice reason to give us a gross visual of a needle going directly into an eyeball. They were just talking calmly when everything went to hell. Dr. Radcliffe’s minion noticed they were wearing mics and cut the communication. Then they freaked out and dragged Simmons out while Fitz tried to explain why they needed him, but just when he was making progress Daisy stormed through the door. I really don’t understand how they were getting around so fast and knew exactly where to go. Anyway, Daisy tortured Fitz and Hive caught up with Simmons. He tried to use Will’s memory to make her sympathetic, but she was too smart for that and she shot him in the stomach. Too bad that probably didn’t do anything. Daisy told Fitz to leave her alone and everything was calm again. robotgirl When Fitz and Simmons were reunited they were ready to get down and dirty. Fitz was all, “I think we have some talking to continue” and then he started kissing her. Poor Mack is always stuck as third wheel. First Hunter and Bobbi, now these two. Maybe Yo-yo will come back. At the end, we also found out that Malick left S.H.I.E.L.D. all of Hydra’s secrets so they could finally be taken down. Coulson said it should have been a happy momentous day, but instead they were still upset about Daisy. Overall: This episode was a vast improvement from what’s been happening this half of the season. The plot is finally escalating and going somewhere. Hopefully they find a way to kill Hive without killing all the people he is controlling. I'm also super excited that this Fitz/Simmons storyline is finally happening. It only took about three seasons. I just hope they aren’t actually cursed and somehow separated again in this year’s season finale. I will NOT be happy.
  • Fitz/Simmons scenes
  • Human modification club
  • Hive/Daisy together: evil, but great
  • Coulson blinded by his father/daughter relationship with Daisy


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