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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Wake Up Review

This week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the androids kept multiplying, but did the real May finally “Wake Up”? Did Radcliffe’s secret finally come to light? Those and several other questions were answered as the team continued to battle an internal virus of sorts. This episode opened showing the real May’s perspective of the last two episodes. It showed her arriving at Radcliffe’s and being attacked by Aida, as well as fake May getting uploaded with her memories and sent back to the team. We even got to see her fight back last week. During the whole episode it seemed like she was finally about to make her great escape, but the whole thing was a clever simulation. She was unconscious the whole time, just battling Aida in a realistic dreamlike state. So, unfortunately, real May didn’t make any real progress this episode. SHIELD411_A While we were being misled by that tricky situation, the team was dealing with their own problems. They developed a mission in order to place surveillance in Senator Nadeer’s office during Daisy’s trial. It seemed like a messy plan even for their standards, but everyone went along with it anyway, even Talbot. Of course, as Yo-Yo and Coulson were planting the bugs, a stun bomb went off, which left them red-handed. This did not look good for S.H.I.E.L.D., as Nadeer marched them into the courtroom in front of countless witness. They are continuing to do a really good job of looking bad in the public eye. Nadeer used this situation to her advantage, telling everyone that S.H.I.E.L.D. is full of criminals. I wouldn’t be surprised if this season ended with S.H.I.E.L.D. being disband once and for all, especially if the show doesn’t get renewed. After that whole incident, Simmons realized there must be a spy somewhere in the lab. She automatically went to Fitz and blamed him for messing with the first Aida, whose head he still had. Yeah, not weird at all. Simmons claimed that Aida must have spied on them when Fitz turned her back on, so Radcliffe would have had the information and ratted them out. While this wasn’t completely true, it was pretty close. SHIELD411_B Before they got Radcliffe in custody, RoboMay figured out she was at least part android, and went to confront Radcliffe. He confirmed her suspicions, but she found out she couldn’t do anything about it because she was programmed to not tell anyone or to hurt Radcliffe in any way. This android stuff sure is convenient. Radcliffe also hinted that what she wants most is to be with Coulson, or something strange like that. Maybe I’m crazy, but I never really wanted them to get together. I always saw them as friends. I’m gonna be really bummed out if they kiss, especially if it’s RoboMay. Something about that does not sit well with me. The team finally arrived to get Radcliffe and when Coulson asked RoboMay what she was doing there, she made some excuse about how she figured it out and wanted to confront Radcliffe on her own. I guess that was believable enough, but still frustrating that even though she knows she’s an android, she can’t do anything. This is some flawless programming. SHIELD411_D Once Radcliffe was in custody, Fitz went to talk to him and quickly realizes that Radcliffe himself was an android. This is getting really old. How haven’t Simmons or Fitz realized that RoboMay is an imposter? Every other time they were able to identify the android almost immediately. Maybe May’s normal personality is just that android-like? In the very last scene, we found out that Radcliffe is indeed working with Nadeer and using RoboMay as his spy. I’m still not really sure what his endgame is. Does he really just want the Darkhold? And why does he even want that? It hasn’t really done anyone any good.

Final Thoughts:

- As predicted, this android thing is getting old fast. Does Radcliffe have an android version of everyone? How does he have the resources? - There was also a super mini side story with a dip into Mack’s past and his relationship with Yo-Yo. It was probably my favorite part of the episode. Those two are great and it was interesting to get a look into Mack’s past. - I’m curious about who will finally figure out that RoboMay is an imposter. Real May is going to be pissed that they believed this decoy for so long. - This whole android thing would be little more bearable if I actually understood why Radcliffe was doing all this. I get that he’s a scientist who wants information, but he should also know how dangerous something like the Darkhold is. Then again he does build an android a week so maybe not the most logical guy.
  • Mack's mini-storyline
  • Too many androids
  • Radcliffe's motives are unclear


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