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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – World’s End Review

The fourth season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. came to a close in an episode appropriately titled “World’s End.” This episode finished off the season’s theme of revenge that has been steady since Ghost Rider's first appearance way back in the first half of the season. Let’s see if it ended with a bang or a whimper. The beginning of the end started with the big return of Ghost Rider, a.k.a. Robbie Reyes. He showed up and said he wanted to take the Darkhold and Aida back to where they belong. He tried to take them, but Aida teleported. It turned out that “human” Aida came from the same dimension that Ghost Rider resided in, so when she came into the world Ghost Rider slipped through too. It was also revealed that that Ghost Rider’s whip was able to leave a mark on Aida that she couldn’t heal. So right away it’s pretty obvious that Ghost Rider will have to kill Aida. Unfortunately, with her teleporting skills, it wasn’t that simple. The team decided the best course of action was to plan a trap, but of course the audience didn’t know the exact details. Base on what happened earlier in the season, the first part was pretty predictable. Aida said she wanted to cause Fitz pain, so the team figured Simmons was her biggest target, so they replaced her with an android. At this point it was pretty clear that they got sloppy when it came to androids. Where are they all coming from? Without Aida or Radcliffe on their side, I’m not sure how they crafted one so quickly. Aida “killed” robo Simmons and moved on to find Coulson who had the Darkhold. She found him and they talked for a while about how nothing can destroy her. Naturally at that moment Coulson turned into Ghost Rider and used the flame whip to kill her once and for all. It was unclear how Coulson was able to host the Ghost Rider, but Robbie Reyes said he will have to complete his end of the deal at a later date, so we have that to look forward to. I guess that was a pretty good end to Aida, but it didn’t have the same intense feeling as the show’s finales usually do. Another storyline that needed to get wrapped up was Mack and the Framework. Yo-Yo arrived in the Framework as it was collapsing. She tried to convince Mack to come back, but he only did so after his daughter Hope disappeared, which made sense. I kept wondering what would have happened if Mack just walked through with her. It might have been cruel, but Yo-Yo could have convinced him that Hope was real and they could both pass into the real world. I definitely would have tried everything before letting him stay and die for a computer generated person. The third storyline was the rest of Aida’s revenge plot. She sent the Russian robot in to talk to Talbot and created an android version of Daisy that shot Talbot in the head to turn everyone against S.H.I.E.L.D. She basically wanted to make the Framework a reality and it sort of worked. At the end the team was all getting one last meal at a diner together before they got taken in by the government. Some people show up, but we didn’t get to see their faces. They said the window closes in less than two minutes. I’m not sure if that had to with Coulson’s deal with Ghost Rider or something else. In the very last scene we saw Coulson looking out from a spaceship, so looks like next season might take place in space, which could be fun.

Final Thoughts:

Overall it was a decent end to the season, but not nearly as thrilling as I expected. This cliffhanger definitely doesn’t compare with the ones the show has left on before. I’m really excited to be putting the android storyline to rest. I was really sick of them pulling the mistaken identity card. I’m really glad that there weren’t any other casualties in this last episode. I was really worried about Mack and Yo-Yo for a second there. I guess we’ll have to wait until fall to figure out what this mysterious deal with the devil turns out to be. Do you have any guesses? Let us know in the comments!
  • Ghost Rider as Coulson taking out Aida was smart
  • Ghost Rider and Daisy working together was awesome
  • Final diner scene was a nice end
  • Parts were pretty predictable
  • Not that exciting for a finale


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