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Marvel’s Miss America is Back

Did you ever pick up your weekly Marvel books and think to yourself, "Gee I wish they would bring back Golden Age's Miss America".  Yeah, well me neither. It looks like Marvel thought it would be a rad idea to copy Wonder Women...er just enrich the Marvel U. Miss America first appeared in 1943’s Marvel Mystery Comics #49, then showed up to wow a modern audience 31 years later in Giant-Sized Avengers #1!

Beginning in July, Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta launch a six-issue ambitious odyssey across time, space and the Marvel Universe, drawing in character familiar and obscure to explore the complex nature of good, evil, and what lies beyond in VENGEANCE.

Over a 12-day period, Marvel.com will unspool a mere sampling of this story’s sprawling cast and their histories, with Casey offering insight that provides both answers and more questions while Dragotta previews the visual genesis of VENGEANCE.

“A new icon for the 21st Century,” touts Casey. “A new vision of American female empowerment. She took the name of a Golden Age heroine and reclaimed it in the name of ego and indestructibility. One day, she might be the greatest hero of her age.” Get out your compass and then throw it away, as A Dozen Days of Vengeance will take you way off the map and on the path to the craziest adventure you’ve ever had! 

VENGEANCE #1, is coming your way July 6 featuring Wonder Women...er, Miss America.


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