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Mass Effect 2 Coming to PS3 January 2011

EA has announced via their GamesCom 2010 press briefing that Bioware’s critically acclaimed Mass Effect 2 will be arriving on PlayStation 3, January 2011.

The once 360, PC only title had been rumored for some time to be making its way to Sony’s platform, but after being denied time and time again by Bioware executives, it would appear that all the rumors are in fact true, and PS3 owners will finally get their hands on one of 2010’s best titles thus far.

The announcement is just for Mass Effect 2, and at the present moment it is unclear whether or not the first Mass Effect will ever see the light of day on the PlayStation 3. Owners of the first game were able to transfer their own characters over to the second, and even some of their decisions from the first game carried over as well. I’d imagine if anything, PS3 owners will get some sort of narration in Mass Effect 2 regarding the events of the first game, should Mass Effect 1 remain a 360, PC title only. Though according to the full Sony press release, Mass Effect 2 on PS3 will include "hours of bonus content."

We’ll see if Sony has anything to say during their own media briefing, which should be starting a little after noon eastern time. Keep your eyes peeled on Player Affinity for all GamesCom 2010 happenings throughout the week.



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