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Mass Effect 3 Kinect Gameplay E3 Stage Demo

I’ve never been able to get into the Mass Effect series, but I can imagine that the Kinect voice control option is still good news. The implementation of the voice control seems like a logical step in order to make the game more immersive, as playing through dialogue tree sections (something which I think is extremely outdated) by actually talking is better (and more "real") than just pressing a button. Using it to command your squad is also a great feature, as manual controls rarely do it seamlessly.


I only have around half an hour of experience with the first Mass Effect game (hey, sue me) so I really can’t say what this trailer may reveal with regards to the story or any of its characters. I have no idea how the fans will take to the Kinect implementations because I can’t look at it from that perspective, but speaking from an outsider’s point of view, they look kind of all right. I really hope the voice system can be used in other games with similar functionality – giving orders in Gears, for example, with, say, a mic would be pretty sweet and way better than the way this kind of mechanic is usually executed. 


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