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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer?

Mass Effect 3 has its fan excited and eagerly awaiting its arrival. Exploring and saving the universe with an arsenal of futuristic weaponry... could it get any better? As a matter of fact it possibly could! There are some major rumors circulating about a possible four player co-op mode being added.

It is believed that this mode will have a Gears of War horde like feel, with waves and waves of enemies coming to kill you in every different way you can think up. It actually makes sense to add a mode like this to what has been an already successful series. Co-op would definitely keep the ball rolling and make the game that much better.

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Sources are said to have told Eurogamer that BioWare Montreal has been working on integrating multiplayer either into the game itself, or as a separate game mode, but BioWare will not confirm that they are doing this. The good news is even though BioWare will not confirm it, is that they also didn't deny it, which means this could be a bad kept secret.

With the anticipation already high enough at the moment, it makes sense for them not to confirm anything about the game set to be released March of next year. Announcing this added feature right before the release could potentially boost sales. I know one thing for sure, if they do add an interesting multiplayer experience to Mass Effect 3, then they could possibly capture the hearts of gamers like myself who prefer multiplayer over single player modes.    


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