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Mass Effect 3 Now Has Multiplayer

Those looking to save the world in Mass Effect 3, but wishing to do so with their friends, have reason to rejoice.  A recent cover of PC PowerPlay all but announced that there will be a multiplayer component in the third iteration of Bioware’s hit franchise.  Mass Effect 3 is the first game in the series to feature multiplayer of any kind, something that could very easily add a whole new layer to an already extremely enriching experience.

Since this announcement is being made without much detail, it leads gamers to wonder what type of multiplayer this could entail.  Will it be a single player experience that can be played along with a buddy at the same time, or will it be a much more competitive affair?  If I were a betting man, I would guess that it is the latter, but without much information until the magazine releases in November, it is hard to tell.  No matter the decision that the Bioware gents decided to make, as either one will probably end up working well, Mass Effect 3 will most likely make quite a few game of the year 2012 lists.  You can check out more in the magazine, which will be released in November, as well as Mass Effect 3 which will be coming out on March 6th 2012.  


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