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Mass Effect 3: Operation Olympus Coming This Weekend

This weekend you will have the chance to protect London from the Reapers in Bioware's new multiplayer event dubbed Operation Olympus. Beginning Friday, August 10th and running until August 12th, Operation Olympusfocuses on “increased Reaper activity reported around London” and will involve large-scale strikes against the Reapers designed “to buy the Resistance time to investigate.”

Mass Effect 3’s free Earth downloadable content is required to participate.

The goal of Olympus is full extraction from Firebase London using any squad, kit and difficulty. The Allied Goal is to complete wave 10 on any map using any kit against any enemy for a combined community total of 200,000. Bronze missions, 175,000 Silver missions and 70,000 Gold missions. If this is met, all squad members will receive a Commendation pack, while success in the Allied Goal will get all players a Victory Pack.

Bioware will release the next Mass Effect 3 single-player DLC later this summer with the release of Leviathan. Mass Effect 3 is also set to be a launch title for the new console, the Wii U.


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