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Mass Effect 3: Resurgence DLC Available Tuesday for Free

Mass Effect 3 is getting its first downloadable multiplayer content pack this upcoming Tuesday, April 10. The additional content pack includes four new characters: the Asari Justicar Adept, Batarian Sentinal, Geth Infiltrator/Engineer and Krogan Vanguard. Two new maps, Firebase Hydra and Firebase Condor, will also be available. Firebase Condor will be set on one of the moons of the Turian homeworld, Palaven, while Firebast Hydra will be set on an abandoned colony formerly populated by the Quarians. 
In addition to the new maps and character classes, new weapons will also be available. Resurgance will introduce the Striker Assault Rifle, Geth Plasma SMG and the Kishock Harpoon Gun. How much is all this downloadable goodness you ask? Resurgence will be absolutely free to all players. Bioware showed off the trailer during their PAX Mass Effect 3 panel, where they also confirmed that the upcoming ending expansion DLC will be free as well.

The trailer is available at www.masseffect.com.


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