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Mass Effect 3 Screenshots from PAX Prime

As the East Coast is brutally pummeled by hurricane Irene, those smug jerks on the West Coast seem to be having all the fun at PAX Prime.  This three-day nerdfest is just bristling with gaming news, including a new batch of screenshots for Mass Effect 3 that show Commander Shepard's new weapons, companions, and some of the new enemy types too.

Below we see the new melee attack power of the Omni-tool:


If you're not the hand-to-hand sort of player, you can still make with the boomsticks:


Some old pals will return:

It wouldn't be Mass Effect without at least one Blue Space Lesbian:

Expect it to build on ME2's shooter formula:


You'll be able to ride around in one of these according to some rumors...

Check back with us throughout the weekend for more from PAX Prime.


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