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Mass Effect 3 Will Include Kinect Controls

The much anticipated Mass Effect 3 will conclude Commander Shepard’s trilogy with the addition of Kinect compatibility. Players will be able to issue all squad commands with voice controls, eliminating the need for the “wheel.” Game developers have stated however that these controls will NOT be applicable to Mass Effect 3’s new multiplayer mode. In order to give orders to your squad, all you’ll have to do is say their name, followed by a command. You can find a list of commands below, but it might be more fun to try and figure them out on your own if you’re into that kind of thing. The list is quite extensive, and it could potentially enhance the gameplay experience by essentially eliminating the Power Wheel.

List of commands:
"Talk" Talk to an NPC 
"Activate" Interact with panel
"Examine" Interact with object
"Open" Open doors or cases
"Pick up" Pick up weapons, ammo and items
"Salvage" Salvage parts and materials from an object
"Quick Save" Saves the game
"Switch Weapon" Switches Weapon
"Sniper Rifle" Equips Sniper Rifle
"Shotgun" Equips Shotgun
"Boom Stick" Equips Shotgun 
"Submachine Gun"Equips SMG
"Assault Rifle" Equips Assalut Rifle
"Heavy Pistol" Equips Heavy Pistol
"Sidearm" Equips Sidearm
"Bypass" Bypass a locked door 
"Deactivate" Deactivate a turret 
"Reactivate" Toggle a turret or device on 
"Adrenaline Rush" Activates Power
"Concussive Shot" Activates Power
"Frag Grenade" Throw a Grenade
"Incendiary Ammo" Equip Incendiary Ammo
"Disruptor Ammo" Equip Disruptor Ammo
"Cryo Ammo" Equip Cryo Ammo
"Move" moves forward
"Attack" attacks enemy
"Follow Me" follows Shepard
"Support" ??? 
"Warn" ???


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