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Mass Effect Marathon For Charity Under Way

As you wildly zoom around the internet today looking for Black Friday deals, please keep in mind that your money could also be spent on acts of charity.  One of the most prominent gaming-related charities is Child’s Play, and many gaming organizations are holding live gaming marathons to raise money for it.  Last week we had the Desert Bus For Hope and a Fallout New Vegas Marathon, the week before there was a Mega Man Marathon.  This weekend the altruistic nerds at G33kwatch are playing through both Mass Effect games to encourage donations.
Why should you donate money through these guys instead of just giving it to Child’s Play directly?  First, your donations will give you a say in how the players make story choices in the games.  Secondly, if donations reach a high enough level, the participants will engage in humiliating behavior for your amusement, including shaving their heads, and getting tattoos. 

Also, they’re holding raffles, and your donation will qualify you to win collectible Mass Effect merchandise, including copies of the game autographed by the voice cast, and ME books autographed by the writers.  Other prizes included gift certificates to nerdly store thinkgeek.com, and Penny Arcade merchandise.  You can watch the whole thing on a live webcast at www.g33kwatch.com


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