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‘Mass Effect’ Movie Details Slowly Surface

There had been rumblings ever since the first game’s debut, but Legendary Pictures meant business when they dedicated a portion of their Comic-Con panel to discussing the planned adaptation of the “Mass Effect” series. Odd thing is, shortly after the panel, a blog entry on Legendary’s site was posted answering a few more questions on the project and nobody has noticed until Kotaku unearthed the entry.

What is revealed is nothing Earth-shattering — that’s Mass Effect 3 territory. However, we do get a few pieces to chew on: the story will focus on a male Commander Shepard (sorry ladies and gents), will not incorporate the choice-based system present in the games (don’t say you’re surprised) and there is no talk of casting, though IGN and Kotaku both state that Seth Green will not be playing the Joker, a role he voiced in the first two games and will be reprising in the final installment. It should be noted that the blog entry makes no mention (confirmation or denial) on casting.

Perhaps the most hair-raising part of the entry is Legendary stating that the movie will be a “completely new story” and that they are working with Bioware closely, should any plot changes come about. To any who have played the “Mass Effect” games, altering the story could in turn piss a lot of gamers off, but with Legendary Pictures, they’re likely aiming for a bigger piece of the global pie.


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