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Mass Effect Remake Announced

Bioware announced today in a press release that the original Mass Effect is on tap for a remake this year. Don’t expect the same game though, says Bioware, as they plan for a number of surprises, but some of those surprises were accidentaly revealed when Casey Hudson appeared on the French talk show "Le Jeux" this weekend.

“Based on a recent survey, players love James Vega and Diana Allers from Mass Effect 3, while Kaiden Alenko and Ashley Williams ranked the lowest” Bioware said. “Because we value the opinions of our players, Kaiden and Ashley will be replaced by James and Diana in the remake.”

In order to reach the widest audience possible, Bioware also announced a new battle system for the remake, changing the conventional combat mechanics to more closely resemble quick  time events. The computer controls Shepard automatically, and players must hit the right button at the right time to shoot enemies. Dialogue choices will be removed, because they resulted in “too much thinking” on the player’s part, Bioware said.

Mass Effect Remake will release this year. Bioware also hinted at remakes of Mass Effect 2 and 3 for 2013.

UPDATE:  April Fool  


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