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Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar Announce ‘The Secret Service’, ‘War Heroes’ Set for Universal?

It’s another day and another news piece on how Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar seem to be working/sleeping together. Not long after announcing his intention to adapt Superior for the screen, Vaughn, along with Millar and artist Dave Gibbons (of Watchmen fame) have announced a new comic called The Secret Service, for which Vaughn holds the movie rights.

Virtually nothing is known about the plot of “Service,” let alone a release date for the comic or whether the film adaptation can be expected anytime soon. With Superior along with Kick-Ass 2 still hanging in the air, it would seem unlikely, but Heat Vision reports that Vaughn could write the script for “Service” himself while he oversees the adaptation of Superior. There’s also no word yet on whether he would return to direct a sequel to his summer hit X-Men: First Class. Given the massive and reportedly stressful shoot that was the first one, we should not exactly hold our breath. Many are speculating that his long-time writing collaborator Jane Goldman could step in to help with writing duties on Vaughn’s upcoming projects; she already helped co-write Kick-Ass and "First Class."

But that's not all for Millar. Universal, who made his comic Wanted into a hit, has taken a good look at War Heroes. With Michael De Luca (producer of The Social Network) and Chris Morgan (writer of the last three “Fast and Furious” films) on board, “Heroes” would focus on a U.S. military program where ordinary soldiers are given superpowers in an attempt to boost recruitment and fuel the war on terrorism. When a number of soldiers defect and declare themselves apart from the state, a lone soldier finds himself fighting to stop the rogues. No word on if Vaughn will be involved but given the trend of Vaughn/Millar love, nothing should be a shock.


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