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Max Brooks’ Extinction Parade: War Out in July

Max Brooks has announced that the next chapter in his horror series, Extinction Parade: War will be out in July. We’ve seen the zombie apocalypse; and we’ve seen communities of vampires pick the human race dry. But what would happen if these larger than life threats to humanity had the share the same story? That’s precisely the question that Brooks asks in this hybridized comic book series published by Avatar Press. When it becomes exceedingly clear that the human race can’t solve the zombie outbreak on its own, vampires are forced to step in and, essentially, save their primary food source from absolute extinction.   ExtinctionParadeWar1-reg   From the imagination that brought us World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide, Max Brooks is still doing what he does best: delivering us horror’s most thought-provoking monster scenario in new and creative ways. In discussing the series, Brooks has said, “every individual human being knows life is hard. Sooner or later adversity’s gonna come knocking. But if you’re a vampire you’ve had a thousand years of comfortable joy. You’re not ready! You don’t have those survival skills.” Extinction Parade: War #1 is slated for release this upcoming July, continuing where Extinction Parade #5 left off. Newcomers to the series ought to pick up Extinction Parade Trade Paperback Collection, which is also due out in July. It will be an excellent opportunity to catch up on one of the most original zombie stories to date.


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