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Max Payne Brings Bullet Time To Mutiplayer

While the first two Max Payne games were exclusively single-player, one of the new features in part 3 is multiplayer.  It's an odd turn for a franchise that has typically been focused on story, and the use of the trademark "Bullet Time" which slows down time when the player activates it.  However, Mass Effect 3 showed us that adding multi-player into a traditionally offline game can work very well.

Working bullet time into a multiplayer game is tricky, but it has been done before, including the PC exclusive zombie shooter Killing Floor.  In Max Payne 3, when a player activates the mode, it only affects the other players within that player's line of sight, leaving the rest of the match running at full speed.

Rockstar released a video today with details on two of the online modes, including Gang Wars and Payne Killer.  Gang Wars is a story-based multiplayer mode, and in Payne Killer mode, players will compete to see who gets to play as Max Payne who has special abilities and extra equipment.  Kill Max and you get to play as him next.

The game comes out for consoles on May 15th, and hits PC two weeks later.  Check it out in action in the video below:


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