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McKelvie and Wilson Variant Covering Six Image Comics

Artists Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson have combined to give The Wicked + The Divine a very distinctive look on the comic shelves, due to their covers. Each issue of The Wicked + The Divine from Image Comics features a head shot of a different character with a colorful background. Combined the design choices with McKelvie and Wilson’s great art talents lends the series a great and unique appearance.  

Jamie McKelvie Matthew Wilson Bitch Planet variant

  Now McKelvie and Wilson are lending those talents to a number of other Image Comics series, through a series of variant covers this December. Six different Image series will feature a McKelvie/Wilson cover. As with The Wicked + The Divine, McKelvie and Wilson will give their signature look on the other books, with a lovely character portrait against a clear background. It’s pretty cool seeing how excellent the Wicked + The Divine cover treatment looks on other books.  

Jamie McKelvie Matthew Wilson East of West variant

  The issues that will benefit from the McKelvie/Wilson variants are Shutter #7, Rumble #1, Revival #26, East of West #16, and Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro’s eagerly-anticipated Bitch Planet #1. Of course, The Wicked + The Divine #6 will also see a McKelvie/Wilson cover. McKelvie writes, “We're huge fans of all the creators behind these series. So to be asked to provide covers for them all this month was an honour.” This is one of those cover variant opportunities where it really might pay to collect them all!


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