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Media Molecule Announces a Tearaway/LittleBigPlanet Competition

On the Playstation Store starting today, there is an exclusive, "Tearaway Competition Pack," which contains a music track from "Sogport," one of the many locations that the main characters of Tearaway visit. It is also bursting at the seams with stickers to be used at will by the creator. 

"After picking up your free goodies from the Store, it’s time to get all paper-crafty on either LittleBigPlanet 2 or LittleBigPlanet PS Vita by diving into create mode and creating the most wonderfully inspired Tearaway level. When you have finished crafting your most crafty of creations, you will want to publish your level for the rest of the community to see. Not only that but we’re hosting a competition that will give you the chance win some fab goodies up for grabs for our favorite levels! To enter the Tearaway Competition just publish your level and make sure to add [TearawayCompetitionUS] to the name of your new level and have it published before 8PM EDT/5PM PDT on September 14th."

The levels will be judged by Media Molecule themselves. Out of all the entries submitted they will choose one grand prize winner to recieve a PS Vita and the "rare prize crown" from Little Big Planet. For more info on competition details, go here.


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