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Meet Bioshock Infinite’s Motorized Patriot

This October 16th, players will be able to explore the flying city of Columbia in Bioshock Infinite.  But as with the previous Bioshock games this utopian city is full of deadly guardians.  The developers at Irrational Games have started a series of video Developer Diaries that show off some of the more fearsome enemies that players will have to fight in the game.

The first in the "Heavy Hitters" series showcases the "Motorized Patriot", a clockwork killbot modeled after George Washington.  In the video, the game's Creative Director Ken Levine talks about the origins of these "Heavy Hitter" enemies, while Art Director Nate Wells explains what inspired the look of the Motorized Partiot.  Shawn Robertson the Lead Artists also discusses what went into the creation of this steampunk founding father.

Take note of how Levine says that players will be able to take the Patriot's gatling gun and use it against other enemies.  Expect more "Heavy Hitters" videos in the months to come, and keep an eye on Player Affinity for more preview coverage of Bioshock Infinite.  The game comes out on October 16th for Xbox, PC and Playstation 3.


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