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Mega Man Marathon For Charity In Final Hours

While some gamers are saving up for Black Friday sales, the more noble amongst us are donating to gaming-related charities.  Right now a pack of nerds are in the final hours of a Mega Man marathon to raise money for charity.  The nice lads at Team Mountain Gaming have spent the last 40 hours playing their way through Mega Man 1-6, to raise money for the Child’s Play Charity. You can watch the whole thing live on their website.

The team consists of just three people who’ll be rotating shifts over a 40-hour play session.  They are aiming for $1,000 in donations, and if you take any amusement from watching these poor bastards slowly go insane from sleep deprivation, please offer a contribution through the “Chip In” link on their site.  If you happen to be reading this after the 14th, you can still chip in, because Team Mountain Gaming will be accepting donations through November 22nd.

For those who don’t already know, Child’s Play is a charity that was started by Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade to absolve them of their lifetimes of terrible sins. They donate hundreds of thousands of dollars in toys to children’s hospitals every year, along with the help of the gaming community.  You can donate directly to Child’s Play year round, but many game organizations hold special promotions like Team Mountain’s marathon.


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