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MegaCon 2011 – Rumors and Facts

Well Megacon 2011 is under way this weekend and beside fraudulent artists the big story is that after Brightest Day, Geoff Johns will be moving over to a monthly Aquaman title. That's where the facts portion of this article ends. You may remember last weekend we picked up on the self generated rumor from DC comics about a superstar writer and artist taking over on JLA well it looks like the it may be Geoff Johns. But wait the rumor gets better! He might be co-writing with Grant Morrison! But wait it gets better! The artist is rumored to be none other than Jim Lee! Again this is just rumors, but its seems likely since DC blundered and told us that there was a new team taking over the book and that Johns is confirmed for one more title outside of Green Lantern, Flash and Aquaman. So what do you think? Do you want to see Geoff and Grant team up on JLA and once again make it a book worth reading?


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