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Mercury Hg Coming to PSN

Mercury Hg is coming to the PS3 via the PlayStation Store.  Originally released on the PSP in 2005, the game has been given the HD treatment. The levels have been re-skinned to look more modern and appealing to today's gamers. 

Reminds me of marble madness

The objective of this casual puzzler is to guide a blob of mercury (the only metal known to be liquid at room temperature) across a level.  Along the way, you'll find obstacles that will try to steal away portions of your blob.  Mercury Hg will feature 120 levels across the main game and two DLC packs. If played well, no level should take longer than 2 minutes and many of the levels will take only 30-60 seconds to complete.  The game will be release this upcoming Tuesday and will cost only $4.99.  To find out more check out the official PlayStation blog.

Mercury Hg


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