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Metro: Last Light Gets New Ranger Survival Video Series

The upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter from 4A Games has got another video series for you to enjoy. This time we see in game footage with a voiceover giving us information on how to survive and what to expect in Metro: Last Light. Check it out below:

Part 2 of the series will be coming soon. Metro: Last Light is the sequel to Metro 2033 which has become a cult hit after having a less than successful launch. The new game is shaping up rather nicely and looks to improve upon the formula the first game set out. It was scheduled for release in March but was delayed and is now coming on May 14th to North America and May 17th in Europe.

Deep Silver recently acquired the publishing rights to the game after THQ went under earlier this year. As we get closer to release expect to see and hear more from this game very soon.


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