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Metro: Last Night “Genesis” Trailer

Metro 2033 is one of my favorite FPS games of this generation. It was bleak, atmospheric, and thematically brilliant. Few games can nail immersion, but even fewer execute it as flawlessly as Metro did. Its sequel continues to unravel its dark secrets and bleak worls with this latest trailer. Even now the digital version of the original is free starting today until December 16th if your a community member of the Metro Facebook Page, so get on it. 

All the atmospheric and story touches seem to be adamant from the previous entry especially the people living in the Metro and how they react to one another.  Doctors nurturing children, older people making hand puppets for the children's amusement to take their mind off of the horrors lurking in the tunnels, just brilliant.  Also, keeping the intense and visceral firefights and overcoming them by the skin of your teeth better stay intact.  The game looks absolutely gorgeous, (as did the last one) more specifically the lighting effects and they seem to have been improved, while the outdoor areas have alot more "green" this time around.  If I could level a crtiticism at the previous entry it's that the battle between the Nazis and the Reds wasn't really explored so let's hope they expand upon the ideology in Metro: Last Night. The latest trailer for the sequel, titled Genesis, is below:


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