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MGS: Rising Details Leaked?

It may seem like a lifetime since we heard about anything new in regards to Kojima Productions Metal Gear Solid: Rising. But, despite being nothing more than a rumour at the moment, an individual on the Gamespot forum, who claims to be a professional writer, was speaking of “snippets” of the hugely anticipated upcoming prequel of the MGS series, running on his PC.

Under the alias of “Kolokovitchk”, he delivered a thorough article on what is presented in the game, and a list of technical features that the game will use.

Kolokovitchk also stated in his forum post;

“Please bear in mind this is obviously not a finished product, or even near. And my review is NOT even an entire complete level, but rather bits and pieces of different aspects they have completed. I also obviously do not have the game in my hands; I simply have what I remember from the sixty minutes of gametime I was able to enjoy. Enjoy.”

MGS: RisingMany of the “features” mentioned in the forum post included that MGS: Rising will use an improved version of the engine used to make MGS4: Guns of the Patriots, and that it will be an adult story (which of course bridges the gap between MGS2 and 4), where we see the main protagonist, Raiden, often displaying suicidal and depressive tendencies after his bionic transformation.

The post also reassures MGS fans that despite the obvious change in Rising to its predecessors, it still feels like a MGS game, cooperating both action and stealth, but will be much more bloody and violent in comparison to the previous games in the lengthy and complex series.

Click here to view the post made by Kolokovitchk.


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