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Michael C. Hall joins Netflix’s The Crown

After a critically-acclaimed freshman season, Netflix’s The Crown is expanding its cast for it's second season. Former Dexter star Michael C. Hall will be appearing in the new season of the show as President John F. Kennedy, according to Variety. The second season will also feature Jodi Balfour as Jackie Kennedy, indicating that American politics of the era will, at least briefly, take center stage with the English monarchy. The second season will transition into the 1960s, and Queen Elizabeth II will be faced with another scandal from her third prime minister. The Crown The second season of The Crown doesn’t have a premiere date yet, but the cast is already looking ahead to future seasons. Creator Peter Morgan has stated that the main roles will have to be re-cast to remain accurate to the characters as they get older. He predicts that this will happen after season two, which will end in 1964. He is also hoping to tell the full story of Queen Elizabeth's reign over the course of six seasons. Are you excited to see Michael C. Hall and Jodi Balfour cast as the Kennedys or do you think someone else should have nabbed these roles? Who would you cast as an older Queen Elizabeth II? Let us know in the comments below!


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