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Michael Chabon to Write Disney’s ‘Magic Kingdom’

Jon Favreau surprised everyone when he announced that he wouldn’t direct Iron Man 3, but even more surprising was the project he decided to tackle in its stead: Magic Kingdom, a Night at the Museum-style film based on the popular Disneyland theme park. Now, a reputable writer has joined him in the form of Michael Chabon.

Chabon, a Disney-lover himself, will draft a new version of the script, but unfortunately, Heat Vision says there’s no further word on the story. Ron Moore (television’s Battlestar Galactica) wrote a treatment for the project that was tossed when Favreau signed on to direct.

Chabon wrote the screen story for Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 and has writing duties for three of the Mouse House’s additional projects: Andrew Stanton’s sci-fi epic John Carter, the Snow White-based The Order of the Seven, and a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea still attached to David Fincher. He’ll also pen the book for the Broadway musical version of Disney's Dumbo.

Will Michael Chabon and Jon Favreau prove to be a magical writing/directing combo?


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