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Michelle Williams Offered the Role of Glinda in Raimi’s “Oz”

With Sam Raimi set to direct Oz: The Great and Powerful, the only big dilemma was who’d play the good witch Glinda. Well, it seems that Michelle Williams has been offered that particular role. 

It was earlier reported that Disney wanted to go with Williams for the role of Glinda, while Raimi vied for Hilary Swank to play the Good Witch of the North.
 Variety reports that “Oz” aims to begin shooting in July.

Swank is easily the more experienced actress, but Williams seems like a much more natural fit for this particular role. Additionally, this performance could serve as Williams’ breakthrough to a mainstream audience as a box-office draw, as she usually graces indie fare likeBlue Valentine and Wendy and Lucy.

Williams would join Mila Kunis as Theadora, a witch falling for James Franco, who plays the wizard. Rachel Weisz is current negotiating for the role of Evanora, an evil witch that tries to bring Theodora to "the dark side" for lack of a better term. Weisz has also reportedly been offered a lead in the The Bourne Legacy alongside Jeremy Renner. 

How do you like Michelle Williams as the Good Witch?


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