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Microsoft Launches Hardcore Kinect Site With Some Interesting Choices

The Kinect isn't exactly what you'd call a hardcore gaming device. It has so far only captured the imaginations of those hungry for crazy new tech that makes them feel like they live in the future and, strangely enough, roboticists. The library so far has mainly been the usual casual fare and a long string of titles serving as weak justifications for a Kinect purchase. Microsoft, ambitious and motivated as they are, still persist in bringing the Kinect to the hardcore masses.

To reflect this, they have launched a new site for 'Kinect-Core' games. Launching a site, at least compared to the actual development of a video game, is a relatively small task, but rather than just being a side-note in the gaming peripheral's history, it makes the occasion of Microsoft acknowledging the gap between Hardcore and Casual gamers, especially with the schism between them that the Kinect has created.

All of this aside, it seems odd that both Steel Battalion and Fruit Ninja would grace this page. For background, the original Steel Battalion is possibly one of the most hardcore games of all time with undoubtedly the most crazy gaming peripheral to hit the market ever. Fruit Ninja is considered one of the most successful casual games of the generation. While this is far from being a fault, it's an interesting window into the mind of Microsoft. What makes a game Kinect-Core?

Perhaps it's up to the viewer or player to decide. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do Steel Battalion and Fruit Ninja have more in common than what meets the naked eye? That's up to you.


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