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Microsoft Points Mishap

The Xbox Live Rewards Program may have erronously sent thousands of free Microsoft Points to customers last night. A glitch in the system generated free points. Some gamers indulged and took advantage of the mishap and ransacked through the Xbox Live Marketplace. Some customers notified Microsoft of the issue. 

Microsoft's official Xbox Support account notified gamers who reported the glitch saying, "We appreciate your honesty. Enjoy the points." Another message stated "There was a known issue with the rewards system. The points you were rewarded are yours."  Microsoft later announced "The Rewards deposit today was credited multiple times for some users. The extra points have been recalled." 

So now, with the sudden change of heart, will those gamers who took full advantage of the situation be forced to pay for what they purchased? It's hard to say. Microsoft support said "the company has no info on that." What they decide to do should be interesting, but I don't think they want to risk upsetting gamers.


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