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Microsoft Unveils Xbox Live Rewards Service

Microsoft has officially rolled out its new Xbox Live Rewards service, after a year of extensive beta testing. The new system is designed to, of course, reward you for activity on Xbox Live. Now before you get all excited and think that your gamerscore is going to net you some Microsoft Points, you never receive anything for free and must usually make a purchase before receiving any Microsoft Points. However, this could be a real deal for those of you out there who would make these types of purchases anyway.

Here is a chart of rewards: (Note: This chart was accessible for about 24 hours before being taken down, rewards have possibly changed.)

Obviously, this seems to be a ploy for Microsoft to get more Live subscribers and it is a brilliant plan. The most interesting part is the "select content" purchases. It appears to be very similar to rebates like "Summer of Arcade" where you are rewarded for buying a few games within a certain time period. Either way, it is free sign up, so what do you have to lose?


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