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Microsoft’s Next Gen Console: More Rumors Surface

On Wednesday, Microsoft disclosed that their next gen console will be getting a long awaited reveal on May 21st and since then, even more rumors have surfaced regarding the ‘720.'

On the site, Windows IT Pro, blogger Paul Thurrott has speculated a number of things about the new Xbox, including its release date, which he says will be in early November this year.  

Thurrott has also suggested that Microsoft’s next gen console will have a Windows 8 Core, a Blu-ray optical drive and that it “…must be Internet-connected to use,” a rumor which has been surfacing on the internet for quite a while now.

The Windows blogger has also hinted that the price for the new Xbox will range from “a standalone version for $499 and a $299 version that requires a two-year Xbox LIVE Gold commitment at an expected price of $10 per month.”

Of course all of these speculations are just that, with Microsoft playing it pretty cool when it comes to rumors regarding their new baby. However, Mr Thurrott did hit the nail on the head when he exposed, back in March, that the reveal date would be May 21st. So perhaps he is right and if he is, do we really want a console that has to be Internet-connected to work? Let’s hope he’s not right about everything.


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