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Mid-Week Sales 10/05/2010

It was a great time for game sales last month, but October is off to a lackluster start.  Hopefully we can look forward to some spooky Halloween sales in a few weeks, but for now, we’ll have to make due with the meager offerings we have at the moment.

Impulsedriven.com has a surprisingly small array of titles on sale this week, but Stardock’s Demigod is going for a mere $5.95. Gamersgate.com has numerous items discounted right now, including Kalypso’s popular adventure series Broken Sword. After a month of magnificent sales, Direct2drive.com is down to humble handful of sales.  It’s slim pickings there unless you always meant to tryDarkfall Online.

Gamestop.com is selliing Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Platinum for half off, which brings it down to fifteen dollars.  This bundle has the game, plus two expansions Wild and Soaked.  Presumably a good deal for fans of this sub-genre. 

Gog.com isn’t having a sale this week, but they are holding a daily contest where you can win every game they sell.  If you still believe these people after the deceptive publicity stunt they pulled last month, then you should have a look at the contest.

Games for Windows Live is selling Red Faction Guerrilla for $9.99 until Wednesday evening, which is half off the price of a pretty good game.

Lastly, over at Steampowered.com, they’re promoting the new Left 4 Dead DLC with a sale on both L4D games.  You can buy either of them for $6.79, or a bundle of both for $10.19.  If you haven’t gotten into this franchise, you are strongly encouraged to grab this bundle.


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