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Mid-Week Sales October 12 2010

October got off to a lackluster start, in terms of online game sales.  But the second week is starting to pick up, especially for fans of off-road racing, WWII strategy, city-building, and anyone who loves fairy princesses!

Gog.com isn’t holding a sale at the moment, but every day they’re having a contest that can win you a variety of free games and game-related prizes.  Today you must complete a gaming crossword puzzle to win products by Strategy First and Topware, Wednesday there’s a caption contest to win the entire Ubisoft catalogue, and Thursday’s contest challenges you to design an add for Gog.com in order to win every game by Activision (At least the ones available on Gog.com).

Gog has also added the 1994 classic RPG Betrayal at Krondor to their stable.  It isn’t on sale, but still sells for the low price of $5.99 and it includes one of the sequels, Betrayal in Antara.

Impulsedriven.com is having a sale on five games from ValuSoft.  Each is marked down 25% which brings most to $7.49.  Among the titles is Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords; always a great choice to grab if you haven’t experienced this ultra-addictive puzzle/RPG hybrid.   Also by ValuSoft is Enchanted Fairy Friends: Secret of the Fairy Queen. If you like games about fairy princesses, you’ll certainly want this one.  After all, it uses the word “Fairy” twice in the title alone!


GamersGate.com is selling twenty city building games at 50-60% off which brings many of them down to $3.99.  Certainly fans of the genre will find something to enjoy, and several are Mac compatible.  GamesForWindows.com has a weekly deal on the off-road racer DiRT 2.  It’s 75% off at $9.99.

Direct2Drive.com isn’t having a sale right now, but they are touting the price break on oddball indie action game KrabbitWorld Origins.  It’s a very unusual fantasy action/RPG about anthropomorphic rabbity things.  It was just marked down to a mere $4.95 

Lastly, the Men of War franchise is 75% off at Steampowered.com.  This WWII strategy franchise can be bought for $3.74, or you can get the game plus the Red Tide expansion for $8.74.


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