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Mid-Week Sales October 19 2010

I’m sure everyone is too busy exploring post-apocalyptic Nevada in Fallout: New Vegas to bother with the other games on sale this week, but for those who aren’t fighting Ghouls on the Vegas strip, there are a few good deals to be found online with these Midweek sales.

Games For Windows Live is still selling Street Fighter IV at half off for $14.99, and GamersGate.com is also selling it for half off, along with a 50% discount on sixteen other co-operative games.  Unfortunately Gamer’s Gate will only give you half off on Street Fighter IV if you buy the Two Pack.  No, really.

Direct2drive.com has a handful of modest sales right now, but nothing billed as a special limited mid-week deal.  Gamestop.com has a deal of the day on Lego Batman which is down to $9.50 for those of you who want some whimsical vigilantism. 

ImpulseDriven.com has many games on sale, including Hard Truck Apocalypse by Meridian Four.  If you couldn’t get a copy of Fallout New Vegas, maybe this can soothe your post-apocalyptic fantasies.  You’re mileage will vary on this budget title.

Steampowered.com has several deals now, including a piratastic 86% off on the Monkey Island Complete Pack for $4.99.  They’re also selling the train simulator Railwork 2 for half off at $19.99.  The official Miw-Week Madness sale is the Disciples franchise.  All of the games in that series marked down by 50% with prices between $4.99 and $19.99 depending on which you buy.


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