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Midweek Sales – Brink Edition

If you'll all be so kind as to turn off Brink for a minute or two, I have some important news about sales on games that aren't Brink.  Some of these are actually good enough, and cheap enough that you can still afford them even if you busted your budget buying Brink.

First up, Direct2Drive.com is doing several offers at the moment.  Their weekly Two-Dollar-Tuesday sale has something of interest in the form of A Kingdom For Kelflings at just two bucks.  This is darned good town-building game, and was well worth the full price back when it cost fifteen dollars, so at two dollars it's sure to keep you entertained if you want a light city-sim game.  Also part of the Two-Dollar-Tuesday sale are Bus Driver and Mystery of Mortlake Mansion.  But, if you only have two bucks to spends, get A Kingdom For Kelflings.

Direct2Drive.com will also give you 50% off the Rift Collectors Edition, with the condition that you have to "Like" their Facebook page. If pestering your friends is worth saving thirty dollars on Rift, then go for it.  Also on sale right now at D2D is Hearts of Iron III.  They have several games and DLC packs in that franchise marked down by 70%.

Putting Hearts of Iron on sale seems to be a trend today, because ImpulseDriven.com is doing the same thing, but with a slightly more expansive selection.  Impulse will let you grab some of the DLC packs on their own for prices as low as 59 cents, but their charging slightly more for the main game.

GamersGate.com is holding a week-long sale on games by the publisher 1C.  They've marked down everything by 70%, and this includes franchises like King's Bounty, Men of War, and Necrovision.  They have over 120 games on sale, in a wide variety of genres.  And, yes, they are also selling a bunch of Hearts of Iron games for 70% off.

Steam is going a different route, they have seventeen strategy games by Kalypso marked down by 75%.  You can get them individually, or as a huge bundle for $29.99.  Franchises include Commandos, Patrician, Tropico and many more.

Our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY is Hearts of Iron 3 for $5.95 at Direct2Drive, because they're selling it for four cents then the other guys.


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