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Midweek Sales December 29

So you thought the raging torrent of game sales would end with Christmas?  Oh you silly gamers; no the unstoppable juggernaut of capitalism will continue charging onwards even through the new year.  With much of the country still digging out from the weekend's snowstorm, you should stay at home, make some cocoa, and have a look at the blizzard of sales we have online today.

Steam is in the middle of a doozie of a sale with hundreds of games on sale, and a different set of daily deals each day.  Today they have quite a few games we highly recommend and we'd like to point you towards their 66% off on Amnesia The Dark Decent, an indie horror title that you can buy for $6.80 today only.  They're also selling the Indie Heavy Hitter's pack which is 8 great games you should have already played, for $19.99.  
It's Ubisoft Week over at Direct2Drive.com, and today they're selling Dawn of Discovery: Gold Edition for half off, which brings it to $14.95.  They're also offering discount codes which get you 10 to 25% off when you spend over $19.99
ImpulseDriven.com is boasting 300+ games on sale in their Holiday Sale, but they also have a Daily Deal, and today it's Victoria Complete for five dollars.
GamersGate.com has been holding a massive sale all month long, with an endless stream of games on sale.  Quietly tucked into the middle of all those games is a sale on Dead Rising 2 for just $19.95, a very worthy investment, and it should be featured a little more prominently on their site.Those of you who are on the fence about Onlive might be tempted to try the service now that several of their games are marked down up to 75%.  This includes Red Faction Guerilla, Batman Arkham Asylum and Assasin's Creed II

The best use of your online gaming bucks at the moment is at Amazon.com who are having a huge sale on Downloadable PC games at the moment.  You can get up to 75% off on about 200 games, including recent AAA titles like Mafia 2, which is down to $12.50, along with many other deals. 


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