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Midweek Sales January 18th

Last week Good Old Games, Gog.com, was doing one of their goofy marketing gimmicks, and today we get to see what they've been up to.  As of now, they're selling the classic text adventure Zork and all of its sequels along with Planetfall, another text adventure form the same publisher.  All of this can be yours for $5.99.  That's isn't actually a sale, but it's a bargain basement price.  In addition to Zork, Gog.com is also selling the four games from the Police Quest series of point-and-click adventures for $9.99.

Direct2Drive.com is holding a huge Sims extravaganza, and everything in that franchise is marked down by 40%, this includes Sims 2, Sims 3, all of thier expansion packs, and some game/strategy guide bundles.

GamersGate.com always has a bunch of obscure titles on sale; at the moment they're aggressively hyping Laxius Force II, which is marked down by 50% to $12.50   They have a few other deals too, with about a dozen games marked down 50-75%.

ImpulseDriven.com has an unusually skimpy selection of games right now.  Their Daily Deal is Runaway- Dream of the Turtle which you can get for $7.49 today only (Tuesday the 18th). 

Steampowered.com is selling Bionic Commando: Rearmed for half off which makes it $4.99.  This is 2D version of the game, not the 3D remake (Which is still selling at full price of $19.99).  

Even though you can download it for free, I'm going to call Gog.com's Zork bundle THE BEST DEAL OF THE WEEK. It's highly recommended for both nostalgia, and to give younger gamers a taste of what computer gaming was like before we had "Video" games.


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