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Midweek Sales January 25th

Dead Space 2 comes out today, but some unfortunate gamers don't have the money to buy games at sixty dollar launch prices.  Fortunately there are plenty of midweek sales to provide cheap entertainment for those paupers who can't afford a shiny new blockbuster.  

It's fitting that Steam has put indie strategy game Greed Corp on sale for $4.99.  Now penniless gamers can stick it to the man by avoiding the big new releases, while simultaneously playing a game about how corporations are "Bad".  Steam also has a price break on APOX, a RTS game, and they have a sale on the Europa Universalis franchise which is marked down by 80% to just four dollars, and two for an additional expansion pack.

GamersGate.com has a smattering of sales at the moment, but none of them seem particularly good.  They are offering a ten dollar cashback bonus on pre-orders of Bullet Storm which ain't too bad.

The Daily Deal at ImpulseDriven.com is Star Assault, a space shooter from Kalypso.  They also have numerous simulation games by publisher N3V on sale for 50% off.  That's something to look into for fans of Train and Vehicle sims.

It's THQ week at Direct2Drive.com.  Every day they're holding a different Daily Deal on something published by THQ.  Today it's Emergency 2012 which you can get for 75% off which brings it down to $4.95.

Steam's sale on Greed Corp easily wins our recommendation for BEST DEAL OF THE DAY.


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