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Midweek Sales January 4th

Just because the Holidays are finally over doesn't mean that PC Gamers can quit shopping for games, and actually sit down to play with all of our loot.  Oh no, the online stores and digital distributors refuse to let us rest and actually enjoy our games.  Rather the internet is still full of game sales, even if they aren't as impressive as they were over the Holidays.

ImpulseDriven.com is selling CitiesXL  for $7.99 which is 60% off the normal price for this city-building game.  

GamersGate.com still has numerous games on sale, including Mechowars for just 99¢.

GamesForWindows.com has a weekly deal which is 50% off Lost Planet 2; that brings it down to $19.99, and is good through Thursday.

Direct2Drive.com has a week-long sale on games by Kalypso, which includes the Patrician franchise, Disciples, and Tropico, among others.

Out BEST DEAL OF THE WEEK comes from Onlive.com.  Until Sunday, the Onlive Microconsole is on sale for 33% off.  That makes it $66, and it comes with a free game, as well as access to the beta of their "Playpack" which lets you have unlimited playtime with select games until the beta ends.  I made fun of the microconsole when it was at its normal price of one hundred dollars, but this price break makes it something cheap gamers should absolutely look into.


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