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Midweek Sales March 1st

March is off to a great start in terms of online game sales, so let's dive right into the pile of deals.  Steampowered.com has a 70% off sale on artsy indie gem Braid.  This modern classic is now three dollars and highly recommended if you haven't played it yet.  But WAIT!  Before you click that Steam, link, check out Onlive's sale right now; they have Braid for a slightly lower price along with several other indie games  including The Ball, The Maw, Defense Grid and Trine for about 75% off.  Plus Onlive has that impressive deal where they'll give you one of their micro consoles, and a copy of Metro 2033 for free if you pre-order Homefront.

Amazon.com has a Daily Deal on several variations of Popcaps' Bejeweled.  You can get any of them for $12.99.  I do suspect that anyone interested in Bejeweled already owns it, but you can check out the offerings on Amazon's Gold Box page.

It's Racing Week at GamersGate.com.  They're selling about 20 games for up to 80% off, and they're also selling about a dozen other games of various genres at assorted discounts too. 

ImpulseDriven.com only has a couple of things on sale at the moment, but those of you who've been waiting for Trapped Dead can grab it there now for sixteen dollars, among the other deals. 

Direct2Drive.com has several deals today; first they're doing a Daily Madness sale, and today it's Fallen Earth: Blood Sports for half off at $9.99.  Of course, D2D alway has two-dollar tuesdays, and today they have three games at that price: Crimsonland, Build-a-lot 2, and Astro Avenger.

Our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY goes to Onlive for their sale on Braid.


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