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Midweek Sales November 16th

Just two weeks after all the digital distributors had Halloween sales, and lees than two weeks before the inevitable Black Friday sales, we find ourselves with a glut of pre-holiday sales, and Daily Deals.  Direct2Drive, and Games For Windows are holding daily deals, on top of all the usual sales, so let’s have a look at what’s up for grabs today, Tuesday the 16th.

GamersGate.com is in the middle of Dragon Week, and are discounting numerous games with Dragons.  Notably absent is Dragon Age, but you might take some pleasure in getting 50% off franchises like Spellforce and Gothic. 

 Electronic Arts has a sale on five shooter games, which are all marked down by 25%.  This is good through Monday the 22nd, and includes the new Medal of Honor game along with Crysis, Sabateur and two Battlefield games.

GamesForWindows.com has not only a Weekly Deal on Osmos which is at $2.49, but they’re also holding Daily Deals this week to promote their new website.  Today they’re selling Borderlands at 50% off.  That makes it $9.99.  Unfortunately, this is for the standard edition of Borderlands, not the GOTY edition with all of the DLC.

Direct2Drive is in the second day of Rockstar Week, with a different game by that publisher marked down for 24 hours each day.  Today it’s the Grand Theft Auto Collection which has GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas for $7.50 altogether.

Finally, Steampowered.com has a Midweek Madness Sale on Zombie Driver , an indie game where you, well, drive over zombies. It is now 50% off at $4.99.


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